First responders call for national strategy to tackle PTSD crisis

A national strategy should include increased funding for psychological care and workers comp’  for first responders.
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Psychiatrist says PTSD treatment for Mounties improving, but not fast enough

‘PTSD is going to be quite widespread within the RCMP and other first-responder organizations’

Help for RCMP officers who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder is improving, but Mark Johnston is urging the force to move more quickly to implement its 2014 mental health strategy.

complementary and alternative medicine for PTSD

Recreational Therapy for PTSD

There are currently several interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that meet the definition of “evidence-based therapies” as outlined by the Institute of Medicine (2012). The current chapter examines one such group of interventions: recreational therapy. Recreational therapy refers to treatments designed to help restore prior levels of functioning resulting from injury or illness, or to promote health and wellness.