Mental Health Commission of Canada Webinars for First Responders: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Mental Health Commission of Canada Webinars for First Responders: Suicide Awareness and Prevention is the first webinar in a series of free webinars related to Mental Health for First Responders.

Join to learn about innovative and effective approaches to suicide prevention.  The guest speaker will provide an overview of the trends and evidence around suicide and first responders. You will get to learn about how education, awareness and training can help increase help-seeking behaviours and build suicide prevention capacity within first responder organizations and the larger community.

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Therapeutic Effects of Extinction Learning as a Model of Exposure Therapy in Rats

Current treatments for stress-related psychiatric disorders, such as depression and PTSD, are inadequate. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapies, including exposure therapy, are an alternative to pharmacotherapy, but the neurobiological mechanisms are unknown. Preclinical models demonstrating therapeutic effects of behavioral interventions are required to investigate such mechanisms. Exposure therapy bears similarity to extinction learning. Thus, we investigated the therapeutic effects of extinction learning as a behavioral intervention to model exposure therapy in rats, testing its effectiveness in reversing chronic stress-induced deficits in cognitive flexibility and coping behavior that resemble dimensions of depression and PTSD.

Journal of Traumatic Stress

The Role of Posttraumatic Growth in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Cognitive–Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD

Posttraumatic growth (PTG) is defined as a positive psychological change that can emerge following a traumatic life event. Although documented in noninterventional studies of traumatized individuals, there are scant data on the potential for therapy to induce or improve PTG. Thus, the primary goal of this study was to examine changes in PTG in a controlled trial of cognitive–behavioral conjoint therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder versus waitlist (CBCT for PTSD; Monson & Fredman, 2012).

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Gender and Age Differences in Trauma and PTSD Among Dutch Treatment-Seeking Police Officers.

Little is known about how age and gender are associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and traumatic experiences in treatment-seeking police offers. In this study, we examined 967 diagnostic files of police officers seeking treatment for PTSD.