Ottawa braces for budget hangups under PTSD law

The city’s treasurer says it’s ‘impossible to quantify’ how much Ottawa will owe under new legislation that protects first responders suffering from PTSD.

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Reducing the stigma of mental disorders at work: A review of current workplace anti-stigma intervention programs

Stigma has been described as one of the largest barriers for those who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder, with negative consequences impacting all facets of life, including the workplace. Although many population-based anti-stigma initiatives exist, the need for workplace interventions is being recognized, particularly as the financial costs of mental disorders in the workplace mount. Specific workplace-focused programs are emerging to address this need. The present paper describes efforts to reduce the stigma related to mental disorders in the workplace. Following the review, suggestions are made for future workplace anti-stigma interventions, as well as a discussion of considerations for researchers who evaluate such programs.

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Police Psychology: Disabled Police Officer or Scammer? - A personal experience on being ``Disabled in the Line of Duty”

By Sgt. John Rogowski

What is a Disabled Police Officer? He or she is “Lucky,” “A Scammer,” “Faking It,” “Has Hit The Jackpot,” “ Malingering,” “ Making it Worse Than it is,” “Lazy,” “Trying to Get Out of Work,” and the names go on and on…  If you have become permanently “Disabled in The Line of Duty” perhaps you have been called one of these names, or similar ones, to your face.

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Are you at risk of suffering from PTSD?

New legislation across the country is prompting questions about PTSD, what exactly the definition should be, and its real impact on front-line responders.